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Who We Are

At TalentStream, our mission is to help emerging technology companies secure the most critical piece of the puzzle to build and grow a successful business: the right people.

While traditional recruiters focus primarily on matching an organization with a pool of candidates based mostly on skills and salary requirements, TalentStream takes a more holistic approach.   We aspire to secure “the perfect candidate” by operating with a proven recruiting model we guarantee.   We not only match a candidate’s skills and accomplishments to predict if they will succeed at the position, but we also factor in the intangibles, including whether the candidate will integrate successfully with a company’s culture and team, and one’s willingness to drive the company forward.

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What We Do

TalentStream focuses on finding, filtering and securing top talent for new and emerging technology companies. We aim to understand our client’s needs, vision and ideology, and then we subsequently seek and interview potential candidates until we find the perfect fit. To achieve this goal, we have a unique and proprietary recruitment model that includes:

  • Full Technical Screening
We employ experts who rigorously evaluate and screen  candidates to ensure they possess the technical skills required to perform their jobs as well as have the skills to adopt to emerging technologies when necessary.
  • Personality Assessment
We gather personality assessments created by a licensed Psychologist with proven results for Sales and Executive screening.
  • Premium Network
We have a trusted network of top-tier individuals who have a proven record of success at startups and emerging technology companies to help drive your company forward
  • Rockstar Access
We have developed methods to qualify and access candidates with the highest level of potential for our clients.
  • Talent Calibration
We perform an in-depth analysis on your company’s culture and ideologies to assess what type of candidates best fit into your company goals.
  • Strategic Consultation
Creating new roles is often more difficult than replacing existing roles. We offer strategic consultation which understands your company needs and assesses best candidates and skill sets based on what you are trying to accomplish.

Sandrine Ennis - CEO, Founder

Talentstream was founded in 2010 by Sandrine Ennis. She was born in Bezier, France and grew up in the D.C. area. She attended college at 16 and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Brandeis University. She began her career in Network Administration and eventually elevated to Strategy Consulting. 

She founded Talentstream (originally branded ITCG) in 2010. As she continued to serve her clients, she began to see inefficiencies in the recruiting field and decided to innovate in the talent acquisition space.  Sandrine pioneered innovative recruiting methods to identify and cultivate more qualified candidates for her clients. She also devised better methods in the hiring process to help her clients employ the right candidates.

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Our Competitive Fee Structures

We offer a variety of fee models to meet the needs of any organization size

Startup Team Building Package

  • Low monthly rate (saves up to 75% on fees)
  • Includes screened candidates for one job description for 3 months
  • Hire as many people as you like
  • Great for building teams
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  • Have all your Recruiting Efforts Managed by Talentstream
  • Save time / no hassles
  • Manage outsourced recruiters
  • Manage job postings
  • Low Monthly Rate
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Talent Screening Package

  • Technical competency screening by in house technical experts
  • Vetting and screening candidates
  • Managing the complete interview and hiring process
  • Cultural and personality alignment
  • Candidate evaluation with written disclosure of screening efforts

Premium Recruiter Package

  • Includes “Talent Screening Package” benefits
  • Full Detailed Candidate Assessments by our Psychologist
  • Comprehensive Evaluations
  • Filter Candidates That Best Fit Your Goals
  • Complete Alignment Efforts to Save You Time
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Referral Program

Become a part of the TalentStream Referral Team and Earn Top Bonuses

TalentStream is offering an excellent opportunity to earn money while helping your friends and colleagues land better opportunities.

The TalentStream referral program pays both the person referring and the hired candidate referral bonuses up to $2000.

Please inquire for details.  Call 1-703-887-4144.

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